Jomade macrame

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JOmacrame for sale!  JOmacrame for sale!  They hang in my favorite sandwich spot and grocery, Court Street Grocers.  For $15-$45 they’ll hang with YOU.  Rope is 100% cotton made in the U-S-A. I also make these, with found branches from … Continue reading

Charlotte is getting on my nerves.

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It will never get old: That warm fuzzy feeling when Charlotte is snuggly and sweet, then seconds later turns into the whiniest whiner I’ve ever whined. Right now we’re going through a little phase (by ‘phase’ I mean seemingly endless … Continue reading

A Bunch of Crackers.

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Our new favorite thing to make is homemade crackers.  This recipe calls for chickpea flour, so if you don’t have a bag in your cupboard, go get one…and let it sit there for several months before you try this recipe.  … Continue reading

Potty mouth.

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  Charlotte’s been potty training herself since the summer.  We tried not to rush it, and encouraged her to use the potty when she needed.  We’d clap when she’d run, on her own, to go pee on the potty and … Continue reading

DIY lunch.

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After being on my feet all morning the last thing I want to do is make an involved lunch for the girls.  So I either have stuff already prepped and in the fridge, or I put the whole jar of … Continue reading

Strawberries, Peaches and Cream

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As a means to move from the dinner table to the bathtub, Nick and I have developed tricks.  Usually it involves dessert of some kind, whether it’s smoothies, apples, or other.  Tonight the girls had an extra early dinner (4p … Continue reading


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This is one of my girls’ favorites.  I credit the mushroom spaetzle at Prime Meats for opening their eyes to the delicious and weird world of mushrooms and spaetzle.  The dough is very simple, the process (if you don’t have … Continue reading

June 2nd, 2012

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Mae finally lost her first tooth.  She asked for apples every day, to try to help it fall out.  She proudly showed it to me, hanging there so stubbornly.  It really was gross and I was convinced she was going … Continue reading

The Cape

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It’s becoming a tradition for us to go to Cape Cod every summer with the kids.  After the 5 hour drive with 3 carsick ladies, it’s well worth it.  My brothers spoil us with nightly BBQ’s and ice cream and … Continue reading

Chocolate Shell

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Coming from Cape Cod, I have so many things to tell you.  One of which was the resurrection of our love of soft serve dipped in chocolate shell. I made my own shell when we got back, and I’m scared … Continue reading