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The Cape

It’s becoming a tradition for us to go to Cape Cod every summer with the kids.  After the 5 hour drive with 3 carsick ladies, it’s well worth it.  My brothers spoil us with nightly BBQ’s and ice cream and free accomodations.  Nearby beaches have been specifically created by GOD for toddlers.  Our daily checks of the tides remind us how awesome the moon is.  In Mae’s words: “I wish I could give the sun and the moon a box of cookies, because they work so hard”.

It’s a very dreamy time: watching the kids play in the back yard, pick up and collect hermit crabs and snails, get bolder and bolder in the water.  It’s also exhausting, and I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that vacation with the kids is not really a vacation for us.  It’s for them.  It’s just as much work for us no matter where we go, we can’t escape it, we have kids and we won’t ever fully relax again.  Unless we go away by ourselves, which is definitely happening in 4 years.

From the packing, driving, cooking, washing of sand out of crevices, making sure nobody runs into the street, or touches the hot BBQ or pulls the dog’s tail I’m pretty exhausted at the end of the day.  But once we finally make it to the beach and the umbrella is all set up, sunblock applied, toys fought over and claimed, it’s well worth it sit back and watch them enjoy the sand and the water as much as you did as a kid.

Mae, enjoying a pool that recent high tide left for her to play in.

A small collection of hermit crabs and snails.

Charlotte armed with a giant rock.

Charlotte armed with a giant smile.

Mae and Uncle Phil’s dog, Duke, hanging out in the back yard.

Mae and Charlotte digging a pool for their hermit crabs.

Hunting for hermit crabs.

Pregnant mama swinging Charlotte, which she demanded 50 more times after this pic was taken.

Mae striking a pose, obviously.

Ida mid stomp, Charlotte post stomp and fall.


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  1. mb

    I’m smiling so big! The girls will love coming back to this post one day with their own babies, it’s packed with real love!

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