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Strawberries, Peaches and Cream

As a means to move from the dinner table to the bathtub, Nick and I have developed tricks.  Usually it involves dessert of some kind, whether it’s smoothies, apples, or other.  Tonight the girls had an extra early dinner (4p instead of the usual 4:30p) and there was a little time to kill after dinner.  But they were all messy because everyone but Charlotte has been forgetting to use their fork.  I didn’t feel like wiping them down if I was going to give them a bath in a half hour anyway.  So I did the next logical thing:  told them to clean up and get nudie so they could shake up some whipped cream.  They cleaned up all of their gigantic messes and clutter from the day and ran to put their clothes in the hamper.

Shaking up heavy cream and vanilla sugar in a ball jar.  Each girl took a turn shaking while the others counted to 20.  Then they passed it along and they made whipped cream in the time it took me to prep the fruit for dipping.  For a moment, I felt like a good mom.  Then they started demanding more fruit and I had to get stern on their little nudie asses.

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