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Mae and Ida

Jomade these little people.  They laugh, they yell, they cry, they whine, they yell, they hug, they hit, they giggle, followed by a swift uppercut.  It’s insane how insane they are.  I want so much for them to understand how lucky they are to have each other.  They don’t ever see it that way – ever.  I fear I will have to live with the bickering for the next 30 years, at which point they’ll finally understand how special each of them is, and they can appreciate each other and embrace the bond they have as sisters.

And I won’t be around to witness it, for I will be overseas with my husband, far away from all of our children, feigning sadness that we are so far away, living in one of our many summer homes, harvesting bouquets from our fresh lavender fields and getting drunk on wine and weed, and pretending we don’t have cell service.

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