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Salads are awesome.

My daughter often asks me what my favorite food is.  My response is always salad, because my salads are rarely simple.  I’ve picked up on my mom’s habit of taking little bits of leftovers, combining them with a bed of greens and dressing and calling it breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This one has arugula, golden beets, plum tomatoes, hard boiled egg, french lentils, goat gouda, salt, pepper, Frankie’s olive oil, and lemon juice.  There might be some dried cranberries in there too…


  1. Amanda

    Looks so yumm…..

  2. that definitely looks good enough to eat any time of day!

  3. LaNette

    Looks delicious and like there may be acme lentils in this one.
    I’m going to try this one tomorrow!

  4. LaNette

    Meant some lentils. Typing from my kid’s bed who just woke up with a slight fever and congestion.

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