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Not so keen on quinoa.

Quinoa is great.  It’s weird, but it’s good for you…that’s I what tell my kids.  Mae doesn’t like it, but she will eat it knowing it will help her (and her hair) grow.  Ida LOOOOOOVES it and so does Charlotte, but it ends up in every crevice of every unaware child who sits at my dinner table.  Seriously.  It aggravates me to my soul, or at least my soles, as I try to pick every tiny, sticky granule of quinoa off of our combined 8 feet.

I’ve had it with wiping it up off of / into the floor, so, I blended the shit out of it.  And you know what? It was AWESOME.  Kind of like a crunchy polenta.

Let me rephrase that in a way that won’t make you puke:  It was creamed quinoa, with the richness of polenta, and the nuttiness of quinoa, sweet undertones of lilac and peach fuzz.  (Scratch the last 2, those were lies, but seriously it really wasn’t half bad, and here’s how I did it.)

In the processor combine as much or as little cooked quinoa with salt, olive oil and or flax seed oil, and water and presto you’ve got pesto (without the garlic, basil and cheese).  You’ve got a nice ‘mash’ on which to place some poached eggs, pork chops, steamed greens, etc.  Or a nice, uniform mash that you can spoon into your baby’s face and not get this result (see pic below, of Charlotte after eating steamed quinoa NOT mashed)  You’re welcome.


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  1. MB

    YUM! Quinoa Tabouleh is one of my favorites! Unblended.

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