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Ida know what to say…

Seaweed flecks on her face, a pile of mint in her hand…she growls at me like a sweet monster.  Ida, man, just before I took this picture she tripped  and fell.  I try my best not to give my kids labels.  It’s unfair to set restraints like that on anyone. However, just an observation, she is one of those kids whose foot will find the bee on the beach or a stray shard of glass on the floor from a ceiling fixture that broke a week ago.  She will laugh so hard that she knocks her temple on the corner of the table, not once, but weekly.  She will be so careless with her arms that she’ll swing them and twist one of them, injuring it for a day, whining all the way.  It breaks my heart.  I have no patience for her haphazard hazardous ways and I feel bad about it constantly.  She is often unaware of her body, yet she is hyper aware of others.  Very compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, and giving.  Very funny, goofy, and charming.  And resilient.  I think if I were to look up her zodiac sign, many of these words would be used to describe other Capricorns.  My point being…I don’t know if I have one, other than that I love her.   It’s amazing to me how much love a parent can have for each kid, different love, but equal.  Equal parts love and frustration.  At this age anyway.

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