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Mae did this.  Wrote ‘Elep’ on a scrap of paper, taped it to a chopstick, and stuck it in a loaf pan.  That’s my crappy description of this very sweet scene.

Mae’s description goes like this: ‘This baby was just born, and I wrapped her up and gave her a bunny to snuggle with.  The sign is there to let everyone know she’s asleep.  So everyone has to be quiet.”

As a mother, I feel proud and amazed.

But as a Mother, I feel crazy and insecure about this scenario.  I start to ask questions in my head:  ‘Do I say shhhhhh quiet too much?  Do I care too much about the baby getting sleep that I overlook Mae’s needs?  Is she bored?  Do I spend enough time with her?  Is it wrong that I don’t buy baby doll accessories, leaving her to pretend puzzle pieces are baby food and an overturned step stool is a crib?’

As a practical Libra, I wonder why the baby’s eyes are open if the sign says asleep.  And I also wonder how the baby is supposed to snuggle with such a large rabbit.

And as a human being, I wonder why I can’t just get over myself and enjoy the fact that my little girl just made an adorable scene.


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  1. …or maybe she is brilliantly reviving homage to the career of Pele or to the Hawaiian Goddess herself….or maybe it just says quiet, asleep :0

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