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Going bandanas!

When we FINALLY get out of the house, we’ll go for a walk.  Donned with baby dolls, bottles, bandanas, we go to the garden, to the local Italian shop to get some mozzarella, to visit our friends at Frankies.

I feel guilty that this is what an outing is for the girls and I.  We are a bit limited: by nap times, not having a car, not having the energy.  Then I see how much fun they can have with nothing but imagination.  And I feel better. Then we spend a week on the beach and I see how much fun they have in nature and I feel guilty all over again.

It’s all in a days work for me.  All dazed and worked up about our choice to raise kids in the city.  I figure as long as we buy a place in the country, and for a few months out of the year, let them roam free like cattle, we can corral them back to our home in Brooklyn, and we’re all going to be ok.



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