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Chocolate Hi

I learned how to make peanut butter cups when I was 15, by following a recipe I heard on some TV show.  I came up with the peanut butter coated chocolate dipped pretzel rods when I was 19.  And possibly high.

Now I have kids.  And what better to feed them but chocolate everything.

After 20 kids at our birthday party had at this cake, what was left was sad, expensive carnage:  peanut butter cups with half a bite in them and pretzels that had been licked twice and tossed…I tried not to take it personally.  Instead I told myself that ruined their appetites on all the carrots, radishes and home made hummus I had out.  I don’t know what I’m trying to communicate here, other than kids: you can eat your vegetables AND have your cake too.





  1. I remember totally giving up on anything harder than soft ice cream when I was little! If I couldn’t bite it with my lips, I couldn’t eat it!!

  2. Chana s Silber

    I bought one of your hanging macrame planters and love it.

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