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Christmas Traditions

It has become a tradition for us to make a trip to ABC to see Santa.  Every year it seems to get more and more adventurous, and by that I mean it gets more chaotic and stressful.  Probably has something to do with the fact that we’ve been averaging an extra kid every year.  Also has something to do with the fact that ABC’s Santa has become all the rage in the past 5 years.  The first time we went, with just Mae at 9 months old, was joyful and triumphant.  No line.  No hassle.

This year, there was a line OUTSIDE, around the block.  They herded us in, we formed 2 lines inside, kids swarmed and got in our personal space as the girls timidly approached Santa for the photo op.  Picture was taken, we were scooted off to the side where there were lovely tables with highly breakable ornaments and decorations on display.  This store is beautiful, but only if you are with people who know how NOT to break things.

Regardless of the mayhem, we go every year.  And we hit up L.A. Burdick afterward for mediocre coffee and tiny chocolates.

2 pics below: waiting in line to see Santa, tired, hungry, cold and excited.  The girls were fine.

Pics below: At L.A. Burdick.  Stirring steamed milk and honey with their candy canes from ABC Santa.  Ida looks like she’s yelling at Mae, but she’s really just telling an animated story, as Mae sits and judges her, numb to anything interesting Ida might have to say.

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