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Christmas grub

Oh hello, roast beast.  As a practicing vegetarian, I eat a lot of meat.  (I’m just practicing at the moment, still not very good at it).  As a meat eater, I eat very little meat.  As a vegan turned vegetarian wife of a carnivore, I cook a lot of meat.  And as a mom, I had to make a roast for Christmas.  This here is a rib eye roast, from Paisanos Meat Market.  ( I love them – high quality meat, fair prices, extremely helpful and neighborhoody staff- and they deliver).  This is a really easy roast to make, the cut is beautifully marbled and the meat turns out tender.  The roast is crusted in a mixture of sour cream, horseradish, Worcestershire, plenty of thyme & rosemary, clementine zest, garlic, salt and pepper.  Oh come all ye faithful, it made a beautiful crust.   I made a mushroom gravy for it, because my mom always made mushroom gravy for her roasts.  I garnished it with undressed mesculin, because my girls like to eat the leaves, pretending they are bugs, trees, shoes, etc. (whatever works) and clementines, because I forgot to buy extra herbs for garnish and there was a lot of empty space on my giant serving platter.

Cheese and crackers, chocolate and crackers.  This was the day after Christmas dinner.  The savory crackers consist of different combinations of salamis, cheeses, pickles, leftover cranberry sauce, sliced apple, hunza raisins, mustard, and honey.  The chocolate covered graham crackers were dipped in dark chocolate, and garnished with hunza raisins, toasted coconut, and pulverized pepitas  (btw I LOVE that band…they later became the Smashing Pumpkins I think…)

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