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DIY lunch.

After being on my feet all morning the last thing I want to do is make an involved lunch for the girls.  So I either have stuff already prepped and in the fridge, or I put the whole jar of peanut butter on the table with a knife and they go at it with gusto, and mess-o.   So Mae made lunch today.  Cut up some bread, and picked out stuff to make sandwiches: cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, cheese, pepperoni and homemade scallion cream cheese spread, arranged them on plates and brought them to the table for her sisters.  Meanwhile, Ida and Charlotte were hard at work setting up their own lunch on the step stool, frantically running from the play kitchen in their room with wooden food to put on their plastic plates.  The real lunch and pretend lunch looked strikingly similar (see pics below)

Often times the girls run in and out of the kitchen while I’m wielding sharp knives and stirring simmering pots on open flames in preparation for dinner.  So for their safety and my sanity, I tell them ‘Kitchen is Closed’.  But after reminding them for the 4th time one night, I asked if I should make a sign and hang it by the kitchen.  Mae did it for me.  If you sound it out, it really does say ‘KITCHEN IS CLOSED’.  Even if it doesn’t, they know what it means.

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  1. Grace Rectra

    Love your creativity both in the kitchen and in the minds of your children. Extra love to you, Nick, Mae, Ida, Charlotte and Behr while everyone gets adjusted to this new lovely bundle.
    Big hug and kisses sis!

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