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Drawing the line.

Mornings and bath time are the most hectic times of our day.  For Nick and I.  For Mae and Ida, the mornings are times to demand yogurt and frozen blueberries, cereal with milk, toast, muffins, chocolate, popsicles, and different underwear.

In the hour we have from the moment they finally drag us out of bed at 7a, to the hurried steps out the front door at 8a (or let’s face it, 8:20a), these girls like to pack in the food, drink, projects, dancing, whining, fighting, and questions.  In the craziness of this morning, I snapped a couple pictures of the drawings that Mae HAD to finish ‘real quick’ before we left the house today.

Above: Mae on roller skates. 5F.  That’s our apartment number.  She’s been working on 5’s in school.

Below: A king holding a balloon and it’s raining.

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