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Ida had her first day of pre-school today and Charlotte napped from 9a until 11:55a.  So, Mae and I got into a project.  Mae picked out these fabrics.  I sewed them into a dress-like garment for her.

When she put it on, she transformed into a  jumping madwoman.

I would like a dress that makes me giggle.

She will attack you with her face, she loves this dress so.

What can I say? This child is my child.


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  1. Gayle

    I love this! Did you know that my Mom made every stitch I wore, except socks, until I started school? I mean purses, hats, gloves—everything. and almost all of it was embroidered, rick-racked, with lace, or smocking etc. Of course I was an only child for my first 4 years—that certainly helped. Yet she never co-created a dress with me and had this fun.

    Mae will probably remember this always! Congratulations, wonder Mom!

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