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Loco for Locusts!

Mae and Ida have been collecting things and putting them into things for a while now.  Cut up pieces of paper in a ziplock bag (which end up all over the floor), acorns in a bucket (which end up in the bottom of the stroller), dried up pieces of playdoh in a plastic Easter egg (which end up mixed into brand new playdoh, which ends up in the garbage), and the latest craze: locust pods in an Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs lunchbox, courtesy of Blue Sky Studios.  I was determined that these would not end up stuck to the bottom of my feet as I walk barefoot in our apartment – bringing nature into our house has not always worked out well for us as a family.

Mae had a great idea, after noticing they made noise when you shake them.  So she shucked them, got the beans out, and made them into a shaker noise maker all by herself during quiet time today.  I was so proud, because she came up with this all by herself.  But I was also really happy because it occupied her for 45 minutes, which meant I could eat my red cabbage salad in peace, and by ‘peace’ I mean Charlotte grabbing at my leg.  But still, it was nice to have only one kid whining at me for a moment.

Below are pics.



A bean from the pod.Many beans from the pods…look at them all!Shaking her booty, shaking the maraca.

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