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Ones who are offspring, sprung from, or having spring-like characteristics

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Christmas grub

Oh hello, roast beast.  As a practicing vegetarian, I eat a lot of meat.  (I’m just practicing at the moment, still not very good at it).  As a meat eater, I eat very little meat.  As a vegan turned vegetarian … Continue reading

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Today I tried something new. No, it wasn’t heroin.  Or crack.  Weed I’ve tried, and I would LOVE to rediscover that someday, but I can’t while I’m breastfeeding (and responsible for the well-being of 3 children under the age of … Continue reading

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Ida had her first day of pre-school today and Charlotte napped from 9a until 11:55a.  So, Mae and I got into a project.  Mae picked out these fabrics.  I sewed them into a dress-like garment for her. When she put … Continue reading